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Tuition Refund Policy


Open-entry, Open-exit Programs: Students enrolling in regular open-entry/open-exit programs pay only for the number of hours for which they enroll. Any remaining tuition balance for these programs will be refunded within 30 days (1) of the last day of attendance if written notification has been provided to the institution by the students, or (2) from the date the institution terminates the student or determines withdrawal by the student.


Defined-entry, Defined-exit Programs: Refunds for classes and programs that operate with a fixed beginning and ending date, and for which a flat tuition rate is charged in advance, will be made as follows: 100% prior to beginning of class; 50% after the beginning of class up to the point that 33% of the instruction has occurred, and 0% thereafter, with exceptions to be granted on a case-by-case basis by campus officials.


Refunds for Students Who Withdraw on or Before the First Day of Class: If tuition and fees are collected in advance of the start day of classes and the student does not begin classes or withdraws on the first day of classes, not more than $100 of the tuition and fees will be retained by the institution. Refunds for a student who does not begin classes shall be made within 30 days of the class start date.


Refunds for Classes or Programs Canceled by the Institution: One hundred percent of the tuition and fees that are collected in advance of the start date of a class or program will be refunded within thirty days of the planned start date if the class or programs is canceled by the institution.


Refunds for Students Enrolled Prior to Visiting the Institution: Students who have not visited UCAT campuses prior to enrollment will have the opportunity to withdraw without penalty within three days following attendance at a regularly scheduled orientation or following a tour of the facilities and inspection of the equipment.


UCAT Policy 300.2

All UCAT campuses shall have a tuition and fees refund policy which meets, at a minimum, COE requirements. Approved by the UCAT Board of Trustees on June 18, 2009.


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